Shrines and Deities

Shrines are temples dedicated to a particular Yōkai, called a Deity, who watches over a specific territory in the Human World.

At first the Shrine will be nothing more than a carved stone with some writing on it, perhaps even a statue reprenting the protective Yōkai. Humans who believe in them and wish to offer it prayers and offerings will come to the Shrine, giving the Yōkai more powers with their faith. As the Yōkai grows more powerful, it's following grows as well and vice-versa.

Eventually it will grow powerful enough to be officially recognized by the Emperor, who marks them with the sacred mark of a Deity. It is at this point that the Deity may make a contract with a Guardian and hire two Sprites to help maintain the Shrine, organized festivals and answer prayers.

Shrine and Expansions

Basic Shrine

A basic Shrine is made of the following parts, linked with a simple path of dirt ;

- Torii Gate

Protects the Shrine and marks it's entrance very clearly. It is usually set at the top of a flight of stairs.

- Purification fontain

Allows visitors to cleanse their hands (and sometimes mouth) before entering the Shrine's grounds.

- Oratory

The bigger it is, the more Sprites are allowed. Humans are allowed there.

- Main Hall

The bigger it is, the more Guardians are allowed. Humans aren't allowed there.


Eventually the Shrine may be expanded as the Deity gains in power and notoriety. This expansion comes into the shape of a main (automatic) expansion offered to the Deity as it gains a level, plus, sometimes a "Perk" which gives the player the option between a number of a secondary (choosable) expansion. Those perks offer a way to customize one's Shrine with options that may be only visual or actually more helpful.

Here is a list of all expansions in the order they are gained ;

Level 1

Main Expansion : Wall of Prayers (Ema)

Perks : Better pathway OR Add a room to the Shrine OR ?

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10


+ 1 Guardian

+ 1 Sprite

+ 2 Sprites

+ 1 Komainu statues

+ 2 Komainu statues

+ 1 Well

+ 1 Auxiliary Shrine

+ 1 Garden

+ Better walls/fences

+ 1 Pond (with fish)

+ Fancier Path

+ Decorative Lanterns

+ Additional Shrine floor