Inugami usually show a mark or scar where their head and body were separated when they were created. Their eyes burn with the flames of revenge. Their fur is sometimes marked with strange signs, usually made of blood during the ritual that took their life and made them what they are.

Ha-Inu usually appear as white, "glowing" dogs, flying with a large pair of wings. They may show silve-white or gold markings on their fur from the ritual that gave them a second life.


Like the real dog, Inugami is a breed created and maintained entirely for the use of humans. And like more natural strains of hound crafted for violent purposes, the inugami can be a dangerous investment for its owner, haunting and terrorizing the human who sought to turn it on others. They are driven by the need for revenge, by hate and hunger, and are quite dangerous for that.

Ha-Inu are quite gentle and benevolent, on the other hand. They will seek Humans in danger and help them in any ways they can, even going as far as sacrificing themselves to help them out, especially children.


Inugami are said to be masters of black magic One method for creating an inugami, it is said, is to tie a hungry dog and place a bowl of food just out of its reach. When its desire is thus focused, its head must be cut off and enshrined, moving its ravenous needs into the spirit world and creating a terrible weapon for the dog's former master.

An inugami that goes bad or gets out of its master's control is difficult to get rid of. Those who try to abandon it on isolated islands have still found themselves carrying the creature's curse. Only a powerful sorceror or witch doctor can quell the inugami's bloodthirst, and cure the unfortunate bystanders made sick by the dog-ghost's ossession. Families that keep Inugami in their household, are called Inugami-mochi (meaning "Those who have a dog-god as a pet"). It´s tradition within these households that family members always marry members from other Inugami-mochi only.

Ha-inu, on the other hand, are dogs that have been so loyal and outstanding in their life that if their masters bury them at a Shrine with the proper blessing, they will be reborn with wings so that they may eternally help and protect Humans.


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