There are two types of Gates ; Permanent Gates and Temporary Gates.

Permanent Gates

Permanent Gates were made a long time ago by the First Yōkai Emperor, using the Crown. They link the Yōka World and the Human World.

Those Gates may be used by any Yōkai at any time unless they are Locked Down or Sealed.

Temporary Gates

Gates made by Deities which can only be used as long as they keep them open.They link the Yōkai World and the Human World.

Since it is quite exhausting to keep those Gates open - though a more powerful Deity might find it less tiring - they usually don't last any longer than a couple of hours at most.



Any Yōkai can use the Gate to come and go between the two Worlds.

Locked Down

No one but the Emperor and Deities can use the Gate.


The Gate is closed and sealed with a magic that can only be dispelled using the Crown.