Both Bakemono and Nekomata are said to appear as very large cats with longer tails than they should possess. A nekomata is an older bakeneko whose tail has partially split in two (distinguishable from having two tails, since they join before they reach the body).


They may use their shape-shifting powers to live a life as a human would normally, sometimes by taking the place of a member of the household after killing and consuming them in their sleep. They may take the form of a person they intend to kill or harm. Other stories tell about how a bakeneko may sometimes shape-shift into a beautiful girl, so that their owner would be able to marry them and have children.


According to Japanese folklore, a cat may become a bakeneko by meeting any of the following three conditions:

  • living over 100 years of age
  • reaching one kan (3.75 kg or 8.25 lbs) in weight
  • growing its tail too long, which, according to myth, may fork into two. This particular kind of bakeneko is referred to as a nekomata.

Once transformed, bakeneko gain a range of paranormal powers. These powers are used to haunt the household they live in. They include:

  • menacing (even eating) sleeping humans
  • walking on its hind legs
  • flying
  • talking
  • creating ghostly fireballs
  • leaping over a fresh corpse, turning it into a zombie
  • shapeshifting into human forms

Bakeneko also have the ability to eat anything in their way, regardless of size or edibility. This includes humans. Their main food is poison, particularly a certain snake unknown to humankind. Bakeneko are also sometimes said to have the power to enter someone’s dreams.


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