Ame-Onna (sometimes called "ame-otoko" in it's male form) is reported as being a woman with long black hair standing or walking through the rain, sometimes carrying a bag or a large umbrella, licking the drops from her hand. She can be either pictured as a beautiful woman or an old hag. As most Yūrei (ghosts), she is depicted as wearing a white kimono.


Often depicted as looking rather lonely and melancholic, and sometimes as if searching for someone or something, they seem to be rather quiet, appearing and dissapearing as rain comes and goes.


She is said to be a Chinese Goddess who changes form between clouds and rain. One of the less imposing ghosts, she was hailed as a goodluck omen for farmers, who would pray for her to come along with the rain. Nobody is quite sure if the Ame-Onna follows the rain or if she causes it.


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